Install firmware

1. Install Arduino IDE

Download and install Arduino IDE 1.8.x or Above form

2. Add ESP8266 Modules

Arduino \ Preferences \
Enter ""
to Additional Boards Manager URLs

Arduino \ Board \ Boards Manager
Select "esp8266" and click Install button

Now, "Generic ESP8266 Module" show in Board menu.

3. Import PWM Servo Driver Library
Download Adafruit PWM Servo Driver Library form

Arduino \ Sketch \ Include Library \ Add .ZIP Library
and select your file

4. Install Control Board USB Driver

Download and Install Control Board USB Driver form

USB to PL2303 Windows Driver

USB to PL2303 macOS Driver

5. Upload Firmware

Download and open firmware.ino from jBot Q1 mini website
Download here

Arduino \ Tools \
Change board settings as below:

Arduino \ Tools \
Change port to connect TinyPlan.

Press upload button in Arduino IDE,
When finish you can see below message: